Beckman multimek automated 96 / 384 channel pipettor


Subject: Beckman multimek automated 96 / 384 channel pipettor
Beckman Multimek Automated 96 / 384 Channel Pipettor
Very clean Beckman Multimek with 5 position labdeck and auto tip load option. Includes Multimek Pro version 1.4.4a software and the users manual for the Multimek hardware and the software. Tested, working, guaranteed not DOA. We installed the software on one of our local computers just to check out the system and make sure it was communicating properly and everything was working.
The Multimek system is the top performing automated pipettor in the industry. It provides a versatile automated platform for whole-plate pipetting operations such as sample replication, reagent addition and mixing, thereby increasing the processing capability in your laboratory.
* Aspirate/dispense volume rage from 1ul to 200ul
* Four, five, or six processing stations on the Multimek deck, allowing many customized operations.
* A step-motor driven dispense head that travels independently in X, Y, and Z axes, allowing fast and reliable access of various resources at various stations.
* Accommodation of microplate trays with 96 and 384 wells, deep well microplates, PCR microplates, and resevoirs.
* Use of disposable pipette tips with auto-tip-load mechanism
* Fixed-tip positive displacement head available
* Tip wash station (optional) with or without vacuum tip drying feature
* User specified processing using Miltimek Pro, an intuitive, graphical software environment
* Manual, automatic, or remote (via dynamic data exchange) operation, including compatibility with robotic systems
* Programmable auxillary I/O port and auxillary compressed air outlet
* Sturdy, aisthetic, and ergonomic design.
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