Beckman gpr counter centrifuge w/ GS3.7 rotor & buckets


Subject: Beckman gpr counter centrifuge w/ GS3.7 rotor & buckets
Beckman’s proprietary direct drive assures long life and dependable operation. The self balancing drive tolerates considerable rotor imbalance.
You can select speeds from 0 to 8000 rpm in 200 rpm increments.The digital display shows the speed in 10 rpm increments.Using a closed-loop control system, the actual speed will be accurate to within 10 rpm.
The timer can be set for up to 30 minute runs In one minute increment, and for longer periods can be set in the HOLD position. Braking can be applied with three levels of deceleration: HIGH, LOW, and OFF(no braking).
The GPR incorporates refrigeration and temperature control, with a display to the left of the speed readout. Temperature range is –10oC to 25oC in 1 degree increments.
International MI/SS, Inc. normally supplies the GH-3.7 rotor with this instrument.