Beckman L8-80M used refrigerated ultra centrifuge


Subject: Beckman L8-80M used refrigerated ultra centrifuge
These instruments let you run up to 80,000 rpm. They can achieve up to 602,000g! These microprocessor based centrifuges permit 9 acceleration and 10 deceleration profiles. They have Memory-Pac storage to precisely repeat programs. They have ultra-smooth induction drives for quiet, reliable operation. Beckman classified as “H” means that they can run more than 40 different rotors.
The computer provides automatic run computation, precise digital timed runs 0-99:59 hrs., selectable IR temperature control 0-45oC, RS-232 computer interface for control and logging, zonal open-door operation, and photoelectric rotor overspeed detection and protection.
Max Speed/Force L8-80M 80,000rpm/602,000g
Power Requirements 220VAC 60Hz 30A brkr
Dimensions 37”Wx51”Hx27.5”D
Clearance 10” back, 4” sides