Beamscan bsc-xys 5UM uv beam size measurement system


Subject: Beamscan bsc-xys 5UM uv beam size measurement system
Photon Inc. BeamScan/S Beam Size Measurement System
Includes BSC-XYS 5um x 9mm Rotating Slit UV Detector Head,
PCI-bus Computer Interface, 0180X Controller Box, Drivers
* Measures beam width, divergence, collimation, astigmatism, pointing, M2, relative power
* Easy to align and use (convenient operation)
* Direct measures of focused beam (no optics required)
* True real-time beam profiles
* Data export capability (through ASCII files, ActiveX)
Photon was the first to produce a real time slit-based instrument to measure beam widths. Ease of use and accuracy are primary reasons BeamScan is so widely accepted worldwide. The scanning-slit method is also preferred to both the pinhole scan and the knife-edge scans, since it is much easier to use than a pinhole scan, and provides greater detail than a knife edge scan. The slit is a natural attenuator allowing only a fraction of the laser power onto the detector. The slit produces the profile directly without differentiation and without mathematical filtering. Compared with the pinhole scan, the scanning slit is extremely easy to align, and produces a larger signal-to-noise ratio.
In this method, a narrow slit is scanned through the beam. A photo detector collects the transmitted light. The photocurrent is proportional to the irradiance with distance and is the irradiance profile. The peak is 100% and the tail 0%. The definition of Beam Size is the spatial width at the 13.5% clip level (1/e2). The main components of the scan head are a rotating drum with an air slit and a stationary large-area detector, nested between the drum and motor to collect light transmitted by the air slit. The moving slit passes through the beam and exposes the detector. The measurement plane is the plane of the scan slit.
The scan head contains a motor mount, a small DC motor, encoder, and slit apertures mounted on a drum that spins. The motor is specified with high precision bearings to assure good position measures and long life. (The DC motor is so quiet that we are often asked what kind of array detector we use.) The instrument master counter is a phase locked loop (PLL) circuit where the smallest data gathering increment is 0.14 mm. The PLL assures long term accuracy of the measures even if the speed of the motor varies after years of operation. A rotation mount illustrated below allows scan head rotation about the entrance aperture, thus providing an easy way of orienting the direction of scan through the beam.
BeamScan/S provides a PCI-based controller for the BeamScan for PCs. The BeamScan scan head plugs into the 0180 controller box, and a cable connects the controller to the PCI digital I/O card, which is installed in the PC. The system operates with Windows® 95/98/ME, NT 4.0 and 2000 Professional.
The XTS/5um scan head is a silicon detector with 0.14, 1.4, and 14 um sampling resolution, for CW beam sources. For specifications, see and and .
This item is slightly used, in perfect working condition and good physical shape.