Bayer opera chemistry analyser, laboratory analyzer


Subject: Bayer opera chemistry analyser, laboratory analyzer
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Machine purchased from MOD research establishment (Aldermaston AWE) I have spoken to the Servicing Laboratory, CSA Internatioal, who assure me that the machine was working prior to removal. I have also got a quotation for all PC equipment which amounts to £800. This will end up with a fully functioning machine at a very lox capital spend. I will remove this advert in a few weeks to do this work myself, unless previouly sold.
· Type: Random Access Chemistry Analyzer
· Tests performed: General Chemistries, Specific Proteins, TDMs, Drugs of Abuse. etc.
· Types: Zero-Order, 1st-Order, Endpoint, Blank Corrected Zero-Order, Quadratic Rate
· Assay Rate: Up to 240 tests/hour, 360 test/hour with ISE
· Test Capacity: Up to 27 on-board * Library: 255 tests per diskette
· Throughput: 240 samples / hour
· W x D x H: 48x34x55 inches / 122x86x140 cm
· Weight: 610 lbs / 277 kilos
· Reagent Volume: 5 - 400 ul * Reagent Tray Capacity: 24 Reagent Containers Refrigerated
· 2nd Reagent Volume: 30 - 370 ul * Total Reagent Volume not to exceed 450 ul
· Ion Selective electrodes (ISE): Na+, K+, CL- (Optional)
· Reaction Tray: 100 Position (Cuvettes) * On-board Cuvette Washing Station
· Optics Light Source: Tungsten-Halogen Lamp * Optical Path Length: 7 mm ± 0.07
· Wavelengths: 340, 380, 405, 500, 550, 600, 660 nm
· Interfacing: RS-232C Bi-directional interface built in
· Data Management System: Integrated
· W x D x H: 48x34x55 inches / 122x86x140 cm
· Weight: 610 lbs / 277 kilos
The condition of this machine appears excellent. I have included 'Best Offer' but please be sensible - any offers below 75% of 'BIN' will not be considered. We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about this item, please email:- or call Al on 0
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