Batch cryogenic freezer


Subject: Batch cryogenic freezer
This unit is used and in good working condition,(Great for a bakery or other foods). I also have all the service manuals for this unit and can tell you who the sevice rep would be in your town. Thanks and Good Luck!
A batch cabinet freezer is used to freeze or chill food products in a batch production system or in a continuous production system at low production rates. It is usually used by smaller processors or by processors that are just starting up their production facilities.
The batch cabinet freezer is an upright chamber with a front opening door into which a vertical rack is rolled in and out. Food products are placed (usually manually) on shelves or in trays that are loaded into this rack, then the rack is loaded into the chamber. Cryogen (either liquid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen) is sprayed into the chamber from a side-mounted injection manifold.
The floor space required by the unit is relatively small(about 25sq. ft plus an area to move racks in and out) so the unit often can be installed in very small facilities.
This unit has a low capital cost. In addition, the installation and the maintenance are inexpensive. This can be ideal for the smaller processor or the production facility that is just starting out.
The cabinet is constructed of stainless steel, making it low maintenance, durable and easy to clean.
The cabinet freezer can be operated on either liquid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen and is easily converted from one to another.
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