Baseline model 8800 pid volatile organic vapor analyzer


Subject: Baseline model 8800 pid volatile organic vapor analyzer
Baseline Model 8800 PID Volatile Organic Vapor Analyzer
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The Model 8800 PID is designed to continuously monitor hundreds of volatile organic compounds and various other gases in a non-condensing sample stream. This extremely versatile instrument can be configured to support a variety of applications, such as:
* Industrial hygiene & safety monitoring
* Fenceline (perimeter) monitoring around industrial sites
* Carbon bed breakthrough detection
* Paint spray booth recirculated air
* Solvent vapor monitoring for cleaning and degreasing processes
* Low level VOC’s in a process using inert gases
* VOC detection from sub- ppm levels
* Automatic calibration at user- intervals
* Virtual analog ranges programmable from 1.0 ppm - 1% full scale
* Programmable relays for and diagnostics
* Back-pressure regulator with bypass system ensures fast
* Internal multipoint sampling
* Discrete, multilevel concentration & fault alarms
* Quick connect terminal block electrical connections
SAMPLING Internal, single or multipoint modules, with or without sample pump(s), for prefiltered (? 0.1 microns), non-condensing samples
CALIBRATION Programmable automatic, or manual (with internal selection valves)
DETECTOR Photoionization detector (PID)
* Lamp Energies: 10.6 eV (life span > 6000 hrs), 11.7 eV (life span ? 140 hrs).
QUENCHING Signal quenching due to moisture: < 30% at 95% R.H. and 23° Celsius.
LINEARITY Linear range: 0 – 10,000 ppm (isobutylene). Accurate to ± 1 ppm or ± 15% of reading, whichever is greater.
* Span: 100 ppm isobutylene, < 3 % over 24 hours.
RESPONSE TIME Isobutylene: < 6 Seconds to 90% of final reading
ALARMS Multilevel concentration, average concentration and fault
Audible Horn: Sounducer, generating 85 dB @10 cm. Selectively en-/disabled for keypad input, fault, and alarms.
* Analog Standard: (1) 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA loop power supplied, isolated. (Options: 0-1 V, 0-5 V, or 0-10 V.)
* Digital Standard: RS-485 output (RS-232 option)
RELAYS Standard: (5) programmable (latched/not, NE/NNE, NO/NC) as contact closure (3A @ 240 V) or logic configuration (100 mA @ 5V). Selectable for: alarm thresholds or events (calibration, fault, or sample location).
PHYSICAL Dimensions: 17.625" W x 16.25" D x 9.25" H (44.7 cm W x 41.24 cm D x 23.48 H). Nominal weight: 30 lb (13.64 kg).
CONFIGURATION Bench-top or rack-mount (19" panel)
DISPLAY Digital vacuum fluorescent, 20 characters x 2 lines
POWER 90-260 VAC, @ 50-60 Hz (as specified)
OPERATING CONDITIONS Temperature: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C). Humidity: 0-95%, non-condensing.
GAS SPECIFICATIONS Span Isobutylene, or as required by application Connections 1/4" O.D. Tube fitting connectors (1/8", 4 mm, and other options)
Complete specifications for the Baseline Model 8800 PID may be viewed HERE
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