Baker's aid baro-1G-single rotator rack gas oven-used


Subject: Baker's aid baro-1G-single rotator rack gas oven-used
Baker's Aid Baro-1G-Single Rack Gas Oven-Used. This oven is currently in a bakery in Cory, PA. It is in good working condition. This oven is 120 Volt, 3 phase. Manufacturing number is: ECB1126433. The serial number is: 29110560323C. It measures approx. 49" W x 68" W (on top) x 104" H. It also includes 3 racks.
This oven was constructed to be tough, versatile and smooth functioning. This rotator rack oven is not only super reliable it is, per square foot of floor space, the most productive oven you can use. Apart from roasting meats and baking sweet goods, it's also ideal for all kinds of breads and rolls. Part of its unique productivity is the speed at which new product can be removed from the oven and replaced by new product. Five seconds versus approx. eight minutes for a revolving oven. This kind of efficiencny not only increases output dramatically, but means significant energy savings. These days, profits in the baking industry come not from increased prices but from increased efficiency. And the rotator rack oven is built to last. It's constructed of stainless steel inside and out for ease of cleaning, has a low maintenance eye-level lubrication system, damper controls, guaranteed Even-Bake system, a patented rotation system, a compact design that saves valuable floor space and is highly energy efficient.