Baker-perkins fondant mixer pug mill


Subject: Baker-perkins fondant mixer pug mill
Mfg'd by Baker-Perkins and put in service in 1976'. The company that used this equipment called it a "Fondant Beater", but others call them mixers or pug mills. The unit has two 6"dia. mixer augers that mix and move the material, estimate 50-60rpm mixing speed, and has either a 20hp or 25hp 870rpm motor. Power 3/60/460. The mixing trough has 2-1/2" thick walls and was made from a solid piece of metal. Weight of unit is approx 3200#. I have 5 complete shafts and other parts that will made availbable for spares but are not part of this listing. This machine is jacketed and was used for cooling a syrup slurry. You are welcome to inspect this machine-no loading charges. There will be two more machines available soon, but we have only checked out and ran this one. It is very smooth.