Bacharach 0024-8205 24-8205 fyrite pro 125 with printer


Subject: Bacharach 0024-8205 24-8205 fyrite pro 125 with printer
Measures Oxygen, Air Temp, Stack Temp., CO, Draft, Differential Pressure, and a second thermocouple channel for measuring Combustion Air Temp. Calculates: Combustion Efficiency, Excess Air, CO2 and CO (air free). Printer capability, upgradeable, comes with probe/hose assembly, hard carrying case and protective rubber boot. INCLUDES PRINTER!!
Residential Combustion Gas Analyzer
The Fyrite Pro is perfect for HVAC professionals who service and evaluate residential furnaces and appliances.
The Fyrite Pro is a residential combustion analyzer that saves you both time and money by offering measurement precision you can rely on at an affordable price. The Fyrite Pro enables the service technician to verify the performance and adjust residential furnaces and appliances quickly and easily, enabling you to increase your overall service productivity.
The top-of-the-line Fyrite Pro 125 is packed full of features, providing the service technician the necessary information to conduct a combustion test, CO safety test, draft test and differential pressure test using just one instrument. The compact and ergonomically designed Fyrite Pro provides quick and accurate measurement of oxygen (O2), ambient and combustion air temperatures, stack temperature, carbon monoxide (CO), draft, and differential pressure. Calculations include: combustion efficiency, excess air, carbon dioxide (CO2), and CO air free.
The Fyrite Pro comes complete with a carrying case, probe & hose assembly and batteries. An IrDA wireless printer that comes standard or as an optional item (depending on model ordered) provides documentation of the test results.
* Memory: Store, recall, and print the results of up to 10 tests
* Oxygen sensor strength display at startup
* AC adapter power option now available
* Simple to use: Turn unit on, select fuel, insert probe, read display
* User selectable units of measure: Temperature (°F/°C), Pressure (WC/mb/HPa)
* Each test can be documented using an IrDA wireless printer (optional on some units, see Ordering Information)
* Hold key freezes the readings during a test
* Tactile feedback from the instrument's keypad assures that the appropriate key has been pressed
* Warranty ensures worry free operation of instrument and sensors for up to two years after purchase
* Four alkaline batteries typically offer up to 18 hours of continuous operation
* Automatic power-saving features ensure long battery life
* Protective rubber boot with magnet provides hands free operation (optional on some units, see Ordering Information)
* Error message informs you of an instrument or sensor failure
- Ambient Temperature 32 to 212°F (0 to 100°C)
- Flue gas Temperature 0 to 999°F (–18 to 537oC)
- Carbon Monoxide 0 to 2,000 PPM
- Draft/Differential Pressure -9.99 to +27.0 inWC
- Combustion Efficiency 0.1 to 99.9%
- Carbon Dioxide 0.1 to 20.0% (fuel dependent)
- Carbon Monoxide (air free) 0 to 9,999 PPM
* Power: Four disposable 'AA' alkaline batteries (included)
* Battery Life: Up to 18 hours of continuous operation
* Size: 7.5"H x 3.1"W x 2.1"D
* Weight: 16 oz. with batteries
* Warranty: 2 years, including sensors