Axispro 5400 54" heat assist cold laminator mounter


Subject: Axispro 5400 54" heat assist cold laminator mounter
Fully Adjustable Gap & Pressure. Industrial Switch Controls
High Gap Straight Through Path
Dual Tensioning Aluminum Chucks
Adjustable Take-Up Tension With Full Support Tube
All Metal Construction - No plastic
Industrial Switches & Knobs & Leds
0” to ½” Inch Full Range / 0 to 1” Inch Optional
58” Inches with Full Size Aluminum Slide Off Support
Dual Tensioning - Solid Black Anodized Aluminum
Hot Roller up to 60 C / 140 F Full Range
½ to 6 Feet Per Minute Full Range
Continous (Automatic) & Stepping (Foot Pedal)
120V 10amp 60hz Single Phase
2 With Full Access From All Sides
74” X 27 1/2” X 46 1/2”
86" x 27" x 24" 431lbs & 69" x 25" x 4" 65lbs
Before you purchase a laminator compare specifications carefully.
The GBC laminator, Ledco Laminator, Seal Laminator won't even come close.
Construction: Beware of plastic body panels - it's easy to break a plastic side panels when moving or pushing around a 400lbs plus machine. The AxisPro 5400 has all metal construction.
Control Panels: Beware of single plastic membrane touch panels or glass touch screens that wear out or break easily and are expensive to replace. The AxisPro 5400 has individual industrial switches led's and lcd.
Mounting & Laminating Thickness: Beware of fixed position roller adjustments that may not create enough pressure or have settings for 3/16 foam board, 1/4" acrylic, 2mm(.07inch) PVC, 3mm(.118inch) PVC, 4mm(.157inch) PVC, 6mm(.236inch) PVC, 1/2" Gatorboard, 3/4" Plywood, 1" Gatorboard. The AxisPro 5400 can adjust roller height and pressure for any substrate or laminate up to 1/2 inch.
Liner Take-up Systems: Beware of take-up systems that require you to unwind liner for disposal or use special size cores. The AxisPro 5400 allows you to use multiple smaller length 3" cores or a single core, no matter which you choose, cores are fully supported by a 58" tension adjustable slip off aluminum core.
Laminate Supply Shafts: Beware of small diameter & hollow tube shafts that will flex when using long rolls of laminate. The AxisPro 5400 uses 1 1/4" solid supply shafts.
Core Chucks: Beware of plastic or cast pot metal core no tensioning chucks with simple set screws, they break and loosen easily. The AxisPro 5400 use solid milled aluminum tensioning chucks that full lock to the surface of the supply shaft.
Heating / Temperature: Beware of hot laminators that use the hotshoe method of heating or single heated roller laminators claiming to be designed for hot film. Its a low cost way for manufacturers to claim to be a hot laminator, when they are really a poor hot laminator (hotshoe) or require extremely high heat settings (single heated roller) in order to active the lower hot laminate which causes damage to inks and substrates. Dual heated roller hot laminators cost $15,000-$25,000 in 50"plus widths. The AxisPro 5400 is a Heat Assist laminator design for PSA laminates. The AxisPro 5400 can warm the PSA adhesive to insure a very sticky aggressive bond to substrate, especially when try to overlam textured surfaces such as banner materials. Its design to comply with recommend PSA laminate fabrication guidelines of major manufacturers such as 3M, Avery, GBC, Seal.
Speed Control: Beware of laminators that do not offer variable forward, reverse, automatic and foot pedal stepping control. Many manufacturers leave out these options in order to lower costs or charge extra for variable speed control. The AxisPro 5400 has variable forward, variable reverse, variable automatic and foot pedal stepping control leaving your hands free to deal with laminates and substrates not the laminator.
Voltage: Beware of laminators that require 220volt high amperage wiring, special disconnect switches and fuses. Electricians charge fairly high prices to install 220volt high amperage outlets. The AxisPro 5400 uses a standard 110volt plug, ensuring you can plug in your laminator where you need it.
Emergency Stops: Beware of laminators that place emergency stops only on one side or only on the back of the laminator or don't have any. When your hand, shirt, or tie is being sucked into the laminator, you must be able to shutoff the laminator. The AxisPro 5400 has 2 emergency stops located on top, so no matter where you are standing while operating the laminator at least one if not two emergency stops are always visible and only an arms length away.