Automatic transfer switch 200 amp ats generator asco


Subject: Automatic transfer switch 200 amp ats generator asco
ASCO 200 amp Automatic Transfer Switch
Voltage: 120/240 single phase
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· Nominal voltage 120/240 V 60 Hz, single phase
· Listed to UL1008 Transfer Switch Equipment and CSA Certified to CSA 22.2 No. 178-978 Automatic Transfer Switches
· Meets National Electrical Code (NEC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements
· True double-throw contacts (no intentional off position), with inherent mechanical interlocking to prevent connection of generator and utility source
· Convenient terminals to connect neutral and ground conductors from service and load feeders
· 3-second time delay to override momentary utility source
· 15-second transfer to emergency time delay to allow engine generator to stabilize after starting
· 15-second time delay after transfer to the standby source to ignore momentary voltage dips on the generator
· 5-minute time delay on retransfer to allow utility source to stabilize prior to transferring the load back to utility
· 1-minute unloading running time delay for engine generator cool-down before shutdown
The 165 Automatic Transfer Switch has a unique built-in automatic digital diagnostic monitoring system, which provides status on potential system problems such as: generator failed to start; generator over frequency; transfer switch did not transfer; and more. It's one more way you can count on ASCO to provide continuous power protection ...anytime.
Performance sets the 165 series apart
When utility power fails for just 3 seconds or more, the Series 165 Automatic Transfer Switch signals the generator to start. In less than 30 seconds your electrical power is restored.