Automatic commercial chocolate melter/ temperer 600 lbs


Subject: Automatic commercial chocolate melter/ temperer 600 lbs
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" Belgian chocolate has been the food of champions , a lure for lovers , the indulgence of the rich and later, the favorite of the masses ."
(600 lb.) 38" wide, 36" deep, 33" high (97 x 92 x 84 cm)
120 volts AC. 800 watts. Units can be supplied to meet other electrical requirements.
What's more, you can add chocolate at any time. The new chocolate is melted separately from that already tempered. As it melts, the new chocolate is transferred to the "ready" batch.
In addition, because they are compact and portable, the smaller units particularly, are finding increasing use in smaller shops and in laboratories for short-run product development.
All portions of this tempering Melter that are in contact with the chocolate are constructed of sanitary, cleanable materials.
Cleaning and changeover from one type of chocolate to another can be completed simply and easily in about one-half hour, without the need for tools.
Parts are covered with a one-year warranty.
BonAppetit, your online shop speciliazed in chocolate machines, is an official distributor for several high qualtity brands!
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