Automatic coffee machine amw-81010E grindmaster brewer


Subject: Automatic coffee machine amw-81010E grindmaster brewer
You've found a cosmetically near mint coffee urn brewer made by
American Metal Ware (Grindmaster), Model #81010E.
It has a stainless steel design and is fully insulated to reduce energy consumption.
With both tanks, it makes 20 gallons of coffee with each cycle!
The original MSRP is approximately $11,000 and is selling brand new, on sale,
for around $6,500 at
and they are "currently out of stock".
I'm offering this one for $3800!
Right now, it's wired with a 3-phase 4-wire set-up. I can
easily have it re-wired for you
This photo is a representation of what this unit looks like
If you want to save almost $2700 for the same piece of equipment that the
other guys have, you've come to the right place!!!
Here is a link to the other sites that are offering this same piece of equipment but
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