Automatic abrasive blaster/deflasher, mti


Subject: Automatic abrasive blaster/deflasher, mti
Automatic abrasive blaster/deflasher
Manufactured by MTI, model MD-40
Automatically removes flash and resin bleed from bodies and leads of encapsulated electronic and semiconductor devices. Can be set up for many different items.
Uses low pressure, high velocity to scrub parts clean without destructive after-effects.
Reclaim tower - separates dust and scrap from good media and recirculates media back into the deflashing system.
Wash station - water washes, brushes, air blow-off and heats dry.
1500 strips/hour; set up for 16 lead IC dips but can run other parts with different fixtures.
Additional information available from manual which is included.
For more information, call . Company checks ok.