Automatic 5HP hydraulic shredded paper baler compactor


Subject: Automatic 5HP hydraulic shredded paper baler compactor
Automatic 5.5hp Hydraulic Shredded Paper Baler Compactor by Schleicher & Co International AG Model 840 type 471-8T 4KW 230 volt 3-phase.
This unit is designed to compress or compact shredded paper for bagging or baling. The left end contains the 5.5 horsepower hydraulic power supply and cylinders. Center right is where the shredded paper goes in (should be a hopper there that we did not get with the unit-but would be very easy to make). The right end is where the compressed paper accumulates and it exits out the right end when the door is released.
In addition to baling with strapping to hold the compressed paper together, we think this unit can also compact into bags. We don't know exactly how this works but we have seen references to companies selling bags for this machine.
There are channels at the bottom of the end above where strapping can be run if using this unit as a baler.
The controls actually do mutliple functions depending on how they are used and the current status. This includes releasing the exit door and manual versus automatic operation of the ram.
Schleicher & Co International AG Model 840 type 471-8T 4KW 5.5 HP.
The images above and below show where the paper goes in. It seems pretty obvious that for convenience and safety there should be a hopper above this section. Note the shearing edge. There is a door on the right (top in the image below-and open). that can be released-we assume for fastening strapping when baling. Note that the paint is hardly scrapped off the bottom of the compressing chamber in the image below.
The input window is about 12" by 21" and is 18" deep.
Compressed paper area is about 24" long.
The front of the ram has a pair of sliders for pulling up strapping that runs in the bottom channels so you can fasten the bale of paper while it is under compression.
Overall dimensions of this unit are about 27" wide by 32 tall by 85 long.
The image below shows a view of the exit door latch. This latch is motorized.
Similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your
compacting baling application.
Condition looks only slightly used. We have operated it through several different functions but have not actually baled or bagged shredded paper with it.
Sold as parts only as we believe essential safety feature of input funnel is missing.
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