Atago dr-M2 abbe refractometer


Subject: Atago dr-M2 abbe refractometer
Multi-wavelength Abbe Refractometer
Includes DR-M2 main unit, Light Source unit, light guide and stand, manual, 1550 nm interference filter.
Measures Refractive Index from 1.3000 to 1.7100 with accuracy ± 0.0002. ATAGO's Multi-Wavelength Abbe Refractometers have the ability to measure liquids or solids at different wavelengths using interchangeable filters. Measurements are displayed digitally for easy reading.
Refractive index or Abbe number ( ?d or ?e ) can be measured at different wavelengths ranging from 450 to 1100 nm (681 nm to 1550 nm with IR viewer not included). Measurement temperature range 5C to 50C. The DR-M2 digitally displays measurement result of refractive index or Abbe number on the LCD. Measurement is achieved by matching the boundary line with the intersection point of the cross hairs.
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This item is slightly used, in perfect working condition and good physical shape.