Astro-med DASH16U 16 universal input channels-200KHZ


Subject: Astro-med DASH16U 16 universal input channels-200KHZ
Astro-Med Dash16U Data Acquisition Recorder, 16 Universal Input Channels, 200 kHz Per Channel. 10.4" Display for Real-time Signals and Post-capture Data Review, 20 kHz Frequency Response.
Dash 16u Sixteen Channel Data Acquisition Recorder
If you are looking for a recording system that combines the features of a high speed oscilloscope, a real-time chart recorder and a data acquisition system, look no further than the Dash 16u. With sixteen channels of isolated inputs sampled at 200 kHz per channel, the Dash 16u can handle all of your recording needs. View data on a color display, print data in a strip chart format, capture data to memory or import data to a PC – The Dash 16u is the tool for you. And best of all, everything is contained in a compact, rugged case that will go anywhere with you.
The Dash 16u features 16 channels of universal signal conditioning, real-time data display, real-time chart recording and built-in data acquisition - all in one compact, rugged case.
With a built-in high resolution, real-time chart, the Dash 16u gives you immediate access your data in the most convenient format available - paper!
Each channel in the Dash 16u has a separate A/D converter sampling at 200 kHz. Imagine – you’ll never have to worry about missing important data again!
The Dash 16u features a 10.4-inch color display for realtime and post capture viewing of waveform data. The display can be run in place or in parallel with the chart, saving paper during setup and recording.
The Dash 16u has 16 Megabytes of memory for capturing important data. Sample rates are adjustable from 0.2 to 200,000 samples per second, ideal for transient capture as well as long-term trending.
The Dash 16u inputs are truly universal, letting you connect almost any signal – voltage to temperature to pressure and strain – without external conditioning. Each channel is electrically isolated, eliminating crosstalk.
No recorder is complete these days unless it connects to your PC. With AstroSET - our off-line setup package, and AstroVIEW - our data upload and review package - the Dash 16u is PC ready.
Type ______________ 10.4", Active matrix color LCD (TFT)
Function ___________ Control menus, real-time waveforms, waveform review
Paper ______________ Direct Thermal, Z-fold pack (sheet size is 8.5" x 5.5"), top of form mark on back
Resolution __________ 12dpm (300 dpi) amplitude and time axes
Chart Speed ________ 1 mm/min to 50 mm/sec.
Dual Speed _________ Automatic change of speed with trigger
Amplitude Grids _____ 16 grids up to 200 mm wide, grid placement can be automatic or user determined
Time Marking _______ Tri-State (x1, x10, x100) mark or either chart edge; Grid time lines can be synchronized to time mark; Selectable time mark reference (0.02 to 1 sec.)
Annotation __________ System Log printed automatically (time, date, speed); Each grid associated with a line of text (128 ASCII characters); On-demand text buffer available (128 characters); Signal conditioner annotation
Channel ID _________ Each channel labeled with channel number; Top and bottom grid values can be annotated
Sample Rates _______ 0.2 to 200,000 samples/second/channel
Amplitude Resolution _ 14 bits
Total Capture Memory _ 16 Megabytes (512 ksamp./channel)
Time Stamp _________ Time and Date automatically saved with data
Header ____________ Information on units, range, sample rates, etc. saved with data
Events _____________ All event inputs can be captured with waveforms
Trigger Point ________ Pre- and post-trigger amount is user adjustable
Auto Arm __________ Permits automatic stacking of captures
Auto Archive________ Automatic archive of capture to ZIP
Chart ______________ Playback all or any section at x1/8 to x8, auto playback supported
Ext. Sample Rates ____ External TTL sample clock to 10,000 Hz
Review Formats _____ Strip chart, numeric tabular, XY-Plot
Display Cursors _____ Use cursors to select sections and make measurements
ZIP Archive_________ Up to 45 million samples
ASCII conversion ____ Direct conversion to PC/ASCII/EXCEL formats
Waveform Inputs _____ 16 isolated, universal inputs
Connector __________ Banana (Voltage); Screw Terminal (Differential, Thermocouple and Bridge)
Max. Rated Input ____ ±250Vrms (Voltage); ±40V (Differential, Thermocouple and Bridge)
Measuring Ranges ___ 0.2Vfs to 400 Vfs (Voltage);
5mVfs to 1600Vfs (Differential, Bridge);
-100 to 1300°C (Thermocouple, depending on type)
Bandwidth _________ 20 kHz (-3dB) (Voltage); 10 Hz (-3dB) (TC)
Excitation __________ Isolated, adjustable to 10.5V@2.5mA
Input Impedance _____ 1 Megohm
Filter Choices ______ Low Pass with stops from 10 Hz to 20,000 Hz; High pass with starts from 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz; Band Pass; Notch with 50 or 60 Hz center
RMS time constant ___ Selectable from 0.02 to 2 seconds
Event Inputs ________ 16 TTL or switch closure
Waveform Testing ____ All active waveform channels monitored simultaneously
Trigger ____________ Window, slope/level
Trigger Function _____ Alarm output, trigger capture, abort capture
Function ___________ Setup files, software upgrades and data transfer/archive
Menu Functions _____ Format, Rename, Delete, Copy, Print (ASCII)
Power _____________ AC: 85 to 250 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz (auto select); DC: 11 to 18 VDC
Power Consumption __ 100 W typical, 200 W maximum
Battery ____________ Provides orderly shutdown without data loss in the event of a power loss
Case Description _____ Aluminum, 17"L x 11.2"W x 6.6"H, 30 lbs.
Environmental ______ 5°C to 40°C (40°F to 105°F), 10% to 95% RH, non-condensing
Utility Port __________ Connections for start/stop, remote drive and trigger
Indicators __________ Trigger, armed, battery/power
Controls ____________ Full alpha-numeric keypad, soft keys, encoder wheel
Post processing _____ Frequency spectrum (FFT)
Built in Help/Reports _ General, System Status, Chart Information
Multi-language support _ French and German
All Items sell with 5 days right of return, and 15 days GUARANTEE on all parts and labor.
If in order to comply with our guarantee, we need to refund your money, you will get a FULL refund for the price of the unit...
If you need to make use of the 15 days Guarantee - We will fix, or replace, your unit. In case every attempt to fix or replace it fails, we’ll refund your money.
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