Associated research sc 6540 modular scanner


Subject: Associated research sc 6540 modular scanner
The SC6540 modular scanner is designed to automate multi-point and multi-product testing when using OMNIA, HypotULTRA III, QUADCHEK II, and HypotULTRA II. There are 10 different configurations available that are built off of two basic scanning configurations determined by the power module. A master scanner (M) is configured with its own power module and controlled directly through automation software. A slave scanner (S) is configured without a power module and is controlled either by a master scanner or the electrical safety tester. The modular design provides a flexible testing solution that is configurable to a manufacturer's needs.
Multi-point or Multi-product testing capabilities
Automation Interfaces for Autoware Control
Point-to-Point Continuity Tests
Up to 16 high voltage switching channels on a single scanner
Up to 16 high current switching channels on a single scanner
High current outputs rated up to 40 Amps
Up to 80 testing points from a single power source
The modular design allows for a vaiety of configurations. In addition to master or slave configurations, the scanners can also be set-up with the following configurations, eight high voltage and ground bond testing ports, eight ground bond testing ports, or even sixteen ground bond testing ports. The different configurations are indicated by an alpha designator where a master scanner=M, a slave scanner=S, eight high voltage ports=H, eigh ground bond ports=G, and an empty module=N.
A master scanner is controlled through automation and comes complete with both IEEE-488 (GPIB) and RS-232 interfaces. In addition, it can control up-to a four slave scanners, which could provide up-to a maximum of 80 connections from a single power source. A slave scanner is controlled directly through an OMNIA, HypotULTRA III, QUADCHEK II, or HypotULTRA II model.
Designed to interconnect with any of our automated electrical safety testers the SC6540 allows for automated multi-point or multi-product safety testing. This is an ideal solution for applications such as transformers, motors, cables or any DUT that requires tests between various points.