Applied test systems utm is an economical bench top


Subject: Applied test systems utm is an economical bench top
Applied Test Systems UTM is an economical bench top system which performs tension, compression, shear and flexure testing with twin screw accuracy in capacities up to 1000 lbs,
14 inch cross head travel, 120Volt Single phase power, Dimensions 38-1/2 X 16-1/2 X 66 inch high
Load weighing accuracy tor-0.5% of indicated load.
Ranges 10%, 20%, 50%, 100%, of load cell in use
Built in automatic overload protection
Built in automatic Break detector
English/metric SI Selectable digital display
This unit was last calibrated June 16, 2006 due June 2007.
Single 5,000 lb interface load cell optional displacement measuring to 0.0001 inch with zero return come out of major aerospace company.
Tons of fixturing and tooling included in tooling cabinet.
2 additional smaller load cells, SM500500lb, capacity unknown on the other one marked out of service.
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