Anvil 30 qt. mixer with guard


Subject: Anvil 30 qt. mixer with guard
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Anvil's 30 Quart mixers are designed specifically for small commercial applications. The grease packed ball bearing and air cooled motor ensure quiet and efficient continous operation
§ Ideal for convenience stores, small bakeries and home industries
§ Comes standard with mixing bowl, wire whisk, dough hook and spatula. These items are also available seperately
§ Consistant mixing speeds are maintained regardless of the volume in the bowl due to the direct drive transmission system
§ Powerful 1HP air cooled motor
§ 3 Fixed speeds with easy speed shifting
§ Direct drive 100% gear driven transmission
§ #12 Hub for meat grinding attachment offers flexability between grinding and mixing
§ Comes standard 110V single phase
§ Gears and shafts made of heat treated alloy steel