Antique working case tractor


Subject: Antique working case tractor
This tractor is used weekly to blade the community private gravel road.
The road is about 2 miles long and this tractor does a great job on the road with a back blade. The neighbors are real happy when the potholes get filled in.
The tires on front are 75%. Tires on back are brand new. Back tires were installed professionally by Les Schwab Tires in Marysville, Wa.
New 6-volt battery installed in January-2006. Positive (+) ground system.
I hate to sell this tractor. It has treated me well, but I am in the process of trimming the number of toys I have. Even with 5 acres, I am starting to feel like I have begun to clutter the place up just a bit.
Not to fret. I have three other tractors, so I won't be going into shock too quickly from tractor withdrawal.
Everything works on the tractor. The 3-point hydraulics are slow but work well.
The back blade (Shown in one photo) is included.