Antique farm wagon


Subject: Antique farm wagon
This is a wonderful old turn of the century (circa 1875-1900) Farm Wagon from Eastern Europe. Sometimes called “Pony Wagons” or “Hay Wagons”, these trusty carriages evoke memories of bygone times on small family farms encompassing days that began before the sun came up, milking cows, tending sheep or goats, grinding flour from wheat cut with a hand scythe, baking the day’s bread, and churning butter. Sadly, these centuries-old small-scale family farms are disappearing from the landscape as European Union financial interests supersede agricultural interests.
Back then, each family made their own wagon by hand. This wagon is still in outstanding shape considering its use and age, and still rolls easily. The wheels are in solid condition. Distinguishing features include:
· Front & rear gates lower or rise with use of chain
· Wagon dimensions: Approx 9.5’ long x 5.5’ wide x 43" high
· Wheel diameters: Front - approx 30.5"; Rear - approx 35"
This rare old antique wagon will definitely add a ton of charm and country heritage to your yard, garden, building or restaurant!!