Anritsu MT8802A radio communication analyzer, cdma


Subject: Anritsu MT8802A radio communication analyzer, cdma
Anritsu MT8802A/1A Radio Communication Analyzer
* Integrated tester for measurement of IS-95 cellular phones
* Multiformat testing capability for IS-136A, AMPS/NAMPS, GSM, PDC and PHS
* Eight test instruments integrated into a single package
* Fast, accurate measurements for manufacturing, R&D and maintenance
The MT8802A was designed to support the test needs of the manufacturing, R&D and maintenance markets. All major radio communication systems in the world, including IS-95, GSM/DCS1800/PCS1900, IS-136A, AMPS/NAMPS, PDC, and PHS, can be evaluated using just one MT8802A Radio Communication Analyzer, covering the 300 kHz to 3 GHz frequency band in one hardware platform, and the dedicated measurement software options. This tester supports call processing and sensitivity testing using the loopback method for GSM/DCS1800/PCS1900 and IS-136A. The call processing function, transmission/reception measurement functions, analog measurement function, and thermocouple power meter are provided as standard features.
FM radio transmission/reception tests are simplified by using the analog measurement function, and the optional spectrum analyzer function covering 10 MHz to 3 GHz is very useful for maintaining and measuring spurious near carrier on production lines. GPIB and RS-232C interfaces are standard, so MT8802A can be incorporated easily into automated production lines or on-site automated testing systems.
The time required for testing equipment on production lines is greatly reduced using the high-speed adjacent channel power and occupied bandwidth measurement functions based on Anritsu's proprietary measurement algorithm and DSP (Digital Signal Processing).
Furthermore, major transmission test items such as transmission frequency, modulation accuracy (phase error), transmission power, rise/fall characteristics of burst wave, adjacent channel power, etc. can be measured.
* 1A: CDMA measurement software with call processing
Accessories included: Coax cable: N-P; Coax adapter N-J/TNC-P; Copies of Operator's Manuals including for options 1 and 7, GSM, IS-136A, and power cord (US only)
More about the instrument: List price when new: $49,566 Serial number: 6200015764. As you can see in the pictures, it is in fair condition with few signs of wear and tear. Photos on this page are of an item similar to the one offered here. It is in the same good condition.
Guaranteed to be clean and fully operational, with 14-day right of return
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