Anritsu MP1777A/1/2/10 otn/10G/fec jitter analyser


Subject: Anritsu MP1777A/1/2/10 otn/10G/fec jitter analyser
Anritsu MP1777A/1/2/10 OTN/10G/FEC Jitter Analyser
Manufacturer's description: Accurate Jittter Measurements at OTN G.709, FEC and Standard Telecom Rates with the 80MHz Bandwidth Specification Required for Testing.
The MP1777A is the world's first jitter measuring instrument that accurately measures jitter characteristics at Standard Telecom, FEC and the latest OTN 10.709 Gb/s data rates. It fully conforms to the jitter specifications standardised by ITU-T O.172 and Bellcore (now Telcordia) for measuring instruments. It offers the required jitter bandwidth of up to 80MHz on jitter generation and measurement, as well as up to a maximum of 3200 UIp-p jitter modulation amplitude for testing at 10Gb/s and FEC rates.
The jitter signal generation and measuring functions of the MP1777A permit highly accurate evaluation of jitter characteristics such as: Jitter Tolerance, Jitter Transfer, Output Jitter etc. which are widely used for the quality evaluation of transmission equipment and optical modules used in the high-speed digital transmission systems. Besides the standard OC-48/STM-16, OC-96/STM-32, and OC-192/STM-64 rates, jitter measurement is also supported at various FEC rates adopted by optical submarine transmission systems. Its high sensitivity input (option) allows the jitter measurement of input signals with amplitudes of as low as 150mVp-p.
* World's first Jitter Analyser that fully conforms to ITU-T O.172 standard at 10Gb/s
* OC-48/STM-16, OC-96/STM-32, OC-192/STM-64 rates available as standard
* Supports various FEC rates for Undersea Cable Transmission Systems and Modules
* Automatic Jitter Tolerance, Jitter Transfer and Jitter Sweep Measurement
* Jitter Evaluation up to 80MHz with maximum Jitter Modulation Amplitude of 3200 UIp-p
* Built-in Modulator and Demodulator
* Perfect analyser for jitter testing of clock recovery module, Mux/Demux, Encoder/Decoder, SONET/SDH and Submarine Transmission System etc
* Easy-to-use, PC controlled operation reduces set up time and improves efficiency in testing
Manufacturer's list price in 2002: $180,000 +
Accessories included: Front cover; 2 ea. 3.5 mm connectors (f); 1 SMA cable; 3 ea. BNC cables; 1 ea. GPIB cable; original operator's manual; original remote control manual; Jitter Performance Test software with original manual, Power cord.
* Option 1: 2494M/4988M/9977M Jitter
* Option 2: 2666M/5332M/10664M Jitter
* Option 10: High sensitivity input: 0.15 to 1.3 VP
Guaranteed to be clean and fully operational, with 14-day right of return.
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