Anritsu MG3670B Digital Modulation Signal Generator, with High Performance Quadrature Modulator. 300 kHz to 2.25 GHz.
With Expansion Units (MG0303B - Burst Function Modules) and (MG0301C - pi/4 DQPSK Modulation Unit Modules) As Well As Option 03 (5X1-E-10/Day Aging Rate, 1.5X10E-9/Day Temp) - or With Option 02 (2X10E-8/Day after 60mins, 2X1-E-9/Day Aging Rate, 1.5X10E-9/Day Temp)
It Outputs the Signals Needed to Develop, Test, and Evaluate Digital Mobile Communications Equipment and Related Devices.
It Provides a Stable and Precise Output as Well as Spectrum Purity up to a Maximum Output of +13dBm, Even With Modulation. In Addition to Testing receiver Sensitivity and Excess Imput.
A CMOS-level Mode is Provided for I/Q signal Input. The Input Frequency Band Covers the CDMA Spread Spectrum Band, Expanding the Range of Applications.
The MG0301C Modulation Unit Have a Continuous Data Generator Capable of Generating Arbitrarily-programmable Data Signals and ITU-T Specification PN9/15 Stage PRBS Signals as Well as Band-limiting Filters, and They can Output I/Q Base Band Signals.
The MG0303B Incorporates TDMA Frames for Various Kinds of Communication Systems, as Well as Modulation Patterns for Each Time Slot. Modulation Patterns for Device Evaluation and for Up/down Communication Channels are Provided, and are Output at the Timing Required by the System. Hence the MG3670B Can Generate the Burst Signals Needed to Measure Various Digital Communication Systems. Time Slots Specified for Different Communication Systems can be Selected Freely. There is Condidarable Freedom in Choosing the Modulation Pattern Within Slots; Either a PN9 or PN15 TCH Segment can be Chosen, and Part of the Data Outside the TCH Segment can be Edited. The Pattern Memory Function can be Used to Store and Recall Patterns. A Data Scrambling Function is Provided as Standard, and Any Initial Code can be Set Permitting More Sophisticated Evaluations and Diagnostics Using the MG3670B as a SupposedStation and Mobile Equipment. The Internal Modulation Pattern can Also be Driven by an External Clock, so Margin Tests can be Conducted by Varying the Clock Pulse.
With Option 03 (5X1-E-10/Day Aging Rate, 1.5X10E-9/Day Temp) 6 of each.
With Option 02 (2X10E-8/Day after 60mins, 2X1-E-9/Day Aging Rate, 1.5X10E-9/Day Temp) 3 of each.
To see the complete data sheet please go to: N:\General Share\Specs\Anritsu.Wiltron\MG3670B-C and MG3671A-B.pdf
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