Anritsu MG3642A Synthesized Signal Generator 125kHz-2080MHz.
01 (Reference Crystal Oscillator) Changes the Accuracy to 5 X 10 to the -10/day.
11 (Pulse Modulator) High-speed Pulse Modulation is Supported Using an External Modulation Signal (TTL level). The Output can be Used for Various Burst Signals With an ON/OFF Ratio of More Than 80 dB, as Well as a Pseudorandom Signal for Radar.
21 (AF Digital Synthesizer) It Generates Sine-wave, Triangular, Square, and Sawtooth Waveforms; It Can Also be Used as a Function Generator as Well as a Modulation Signal Sourse.
High Resolution and Low Spurious:
Anritsu's Synthesizer Technology Allows Frequency to be Set With a Resolution of 0.01Hz Across the Full Frequency Range. And the Non-harmonic Spurious is Better Than -100 dBc for Reliable Measurement at Any Frequency.
Excellent Noise-free Characteristics:
A Unique Low-Noise YIG Oscillator Produces a High-purity Signal With SSB Phase Noise of Better Than -130 dBc/Hz (1 GHz, 20 kHz offset) . Making This Signal Generator Ideal for Interference Testing of Radio Receivers and as Sources for Various Local and Reference Signals.
High Stable Carrier Frequency:
The Carrier Frequency is Produced by a High Stability Crystal Oscillator and Remains Phase Locked Even at Frequency Modulation. Frequency Calibration for Testing FSK Modulation Receivers, Susch as Paging Systems, is Unnecessary.
Since the Output Signal is Compensated Precisely Across the Full Frequency Range, the Frequency Level Characteristics are Very Good. In Addition, the Quadruple Shielding Construction and High Accuracy - High Reliability Step Attenuator Provides Accurate Output Down to the Lowest Levels. The Accuracy Enables Precise Measurement of High Sensitivity Receivers.
A Stable Signal Wigh an Output of +17 dBm Can be Output Across the Full Frequency Range to Drive a Variety of Local Signal Sources and Power Amplifiers. In Addition, an Over Drive Level up to +23 dBm Can be Set to Make Full Use of the Internal Amplifier Capability. If the Amplifier Output Power Reaches the Limit and the Output Power is Insufficient, a Status Message is Displayed. This is Useful for Confirming Output Limits.
High Resolution at Level Setting:
Since the Output Level Can be Set With a Resolution of 0.01dB Over the Entire Level Range, This Synthesizer Can be Used as Calibration Signal Source for Standards Such as Power Meters.
Simultaneous AM and FM Modulation:
In Addition to Permitting Simultaneous One Route AM and Two Routes F Modulation, the Modulation Factor and Polarity can be Set Independently. The Modulation Signal Can be Selected From Three Internal AF Signal Sources and Two External Input Signals.
Frequency and Output Level Can be Swept Digitally for Efficient Measurement of Device Frequency Characteristics, Input/Output Linearity of Various Devices, and Receiver Spurious Responce. (Difficult to Set Sweep Parameters are set Easily at the Multi-manu displays.
The Level of the Output Signal Can be Set Continously Without Breaks Over a 20 dB Range. This is Useful for Testing Devices and Circuits Where Hysteresis Depends on the Input Signal. Due to the 0.01 dB Setting Resolution, the Level Can be Changed With Analog-like Variation.
The GPIB Control Commads Conform to the SCPI Recommendations. SCPI Offers Users Common Software for Configuring Outomatic Measurement systems, Because it Provides Compatibility Between Different Manufacturers.
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