Anritsu MG3633A signal generator 0.01-2700MHZ


Subject: Anritsu MG3633A signal generator 0.01-2700MHZ
ANRITSU MG3633A Synthesized Signal Generator 0.01-2700MHz
The Anritsu MG3633A is a used Synthesized Signal Generator.
The Anritsu MG3633A Synthesized Signal Generator has a frequency range of 10kHz to 2700MHz and has excellent frequency resolution, frequency switching speed, signal purity and a high output level in addition to amplitude, frequency and phase modulation. Sweep functions are provided for carrier frequency, output level and modulation frequency so an appropriate sweep can be performed for various devices. It has a frequency memory capable of storing 1000 carrier frequencies and a function memory that can store 100 panel settings. With a Maximum output level of +17dBm, the Anritsu MG3633A can be used for a variety of applications where a high-power extremely stable signal source is required.
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