Anritsu ME522A error rate measurement system-2PC.system


Subject: Anritsu ME522A error rate measurement system-2PC.system
Anritsu ME522A Multi-purpose Error Rate Measuring Instrument Set, Consits of Receiver and Transmitter Units.
As a high-speed digital communications system, it is Ideal for development, manufacturing, and installation of 565 Mb/s and 1.2 Gb/s optical fiber systems.
It's also useful for testing high speed semi-conductors of GaAs FET and/or GaAs IC, and optical devices of LD, etc.
It covers the 1 to 700 MHz frequency range, up to 1,4 GHz using a plugin.
* Abundant measuring patterns
* Flexible input/output interface.
* Level, waveform, and impedance can be set according to the system.
* Powerful error measuring functions
* Error Measurement: Error rate, number of error pulses, error interval, EI time is .01, .1 or 1s, error free interval and frequency.
For the complete Specs sheet, please go to - N:\General Share\Specs\Anritsu.Wiltron\ME522A.pdf
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