Andor ixonem+ DV885KCS-vp emccd imaging camera


Subject: Andor ixonem+ DV885KCS-vp emccd imaging camera
(Please note; camera may vary slightly in appearance to the above image).
· Some minor cosmetic damage, performance sheets available on request.
· Available with one-year warranty.
Ultimate in Sensitivity from EMCCD gain – even single photon signals are amplified above the noise floor. Full QE of CCD chip is harnessed (no intensifier).
Critical for sustained vacuum integrity and to maintain unequalled cooling and QE performance, year after year.
One window design with double sided AR-coated window
Highest possible throughput of photons to sensor. Can be used with C-mount magnifying lens without image curvature.
Critical for elimination of darkcurrent detection limit – an EMCCD must!
Maximum frame rate. Shorter exposures without smear.
1004x1002 Frame Transfer sensor
Small pixel size (8x8μm2) delivering high resolution, large field of view and fast, shutterless imaging.
Quantitative accuracy at all speeds - ~31.5 full frames/sec possible.
Set fan speed or turn off completely for no vibration!
Built-in C-mount compatible shutter
Easy means to record control dark images – excellent for optimization of experimental set-up.
Spec Sheet & Performance Sheet available on request.
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