Ando AQ6330 portable optical spectrum analyzer


Subject: Ando AQ6330 portable optical spectrum analyzer
Optical spectrum Analyzer AQ6330
The AQ6330 is like no other optical spectrum analyzer you have ever seen. It is compact, lightweight - very portable. It weighs only 8 kg (18 lbs.), yet has all the features you need from a WDM system for field use.
* Compact and lightweight. Approx. 300 (W) x 200 (H) x 220 (D) mm, approx. 8 kg (18 lbs.).
* WDM analysis function. Analyzes wavelength, level and SNR of up to 100 channels.
* Long term monitoring. Capable of monitoring wavelength, level and SNR of each WDM channel.
* High wavelength accuracy. Accurate to within ±0.05 nm for wavelength, ±0.02 nm linearity, within a 1550 nm range.
* Internal wavelength calibration. With the built-in wavelength standard, high wavelength accuracy is provided with no need for an exterior light source.
* High-level accuracy. High accuracy: ±0.3dB.
* Low polarization dependency. Polarization dependency has been slashed to ±0.05dB, enabling accurate measurement of optical amplified gain and other critical measurements.
* High power measurement: Max. +20dBm (100mW). Even high-power output from an optical amplifier can be measured directly without an optical attenuator.
* Built-in high-speed printer and large color display. A standard high-speed printer is built into this compact unit, and it has an easy-to-read 7.8-inch liquid crystal display.
* Useful interfaces. 3.5-inch FDD, GP-IB, PCMCIA, RS-232C, keyboard, mouse, VGA and printer ports are provided.
Used and in excellent condition
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