Amsig cms-T300 portable changeable construction sign


Subject: Amsig cms-T300 portable changeable construction sign
The unit is a model CMS-T300, SOLR (Solar)
Tires are 8 out of 10, Good for a couple years.
The letters on this sign are the "flip" style, using little circles of plastic one side is bright neon yellow and the other black, The computer flips over a certain pattern of yellows against the rest that are black; to form a pattern of letters and numbers that you program into the computer (simple)
The motor isn't currently running; Needs minor repair injector work..etc...
The letters do Have LED's behind them ! so its good for night time use
There are 8 letters on each of the 3 rows, and this sign can be programmed with 5-7 messages (meaning 5-7 switches of all rows; that would cycle)
Made in 07-96, with only 4.2 hours on the meter ..
Solar - Seems to work but not thoroughly tested; When I went out it had been sitting for about a month with no activity and it was working while I was taking the pics you see below.
There are some "dead Spots" as seen in pics, These seem to start working after about an hour of operation. With a little work and lube ' these should work consistently;
Also powered if wanted by a extension cord! -
*My company used this sign and received a nice amount of hits on our website that it was promoting-