Amat applied materials P5000 cvd system


Subject: Amat applied materials P5000 cvd system
Applied Materials P5000 CVD SYSTEM, 2 CHAMBER TEOS Oxide CVD for Sale.
Manufacturer: Applied Materials
* Originally configured for TiN but converted to TEOS.
* Lines and heaters were added for TDMAT process.
* RF Generators ENI OEM 12B CH B P5000 CVD
* Universal chamber number 4161B, serial number 35393 CH C P5000 CVD
* Universal chamber number 4161C, serial number 35593-18
* MKS baratrons Model 127AA-001008
* TDMAT Schumacher Asolute qty 2
* RF Match Phase IV Gas panel configuration: STEC 4400M He 500 sccm (He) UNIT UFC 1100A N2 2slm (Ar) UNIT UFC 1100 N2 300 sccm (NF3) UNIT UFC 1660 N2 500 sccm N2
* P5000 MEAN CONFIGURATION Equipment Description: A CVD Applied Materials wafer equipment with two TiN previously configured chambers for 200mm wafer.
* History of the equipment:this tool underwent an upgrade process from TiN to TEOS with subsequent addition of the heated lines,TDMAT controllers and heaters. The equipment has two process chambers installed on it,chamber B and chamber C,although it has been configured for four process chambers.
* Decontamination Process consisted in:chamber cleaning,gas line pumpdown and conditioning,gas line pressurizing(N2) and sealing,pipeline flushing and sealing and vacuum of the process line and its sealing.
* Equipment general components and parts:
* Edwards QDP 80/QMB 500 F,
* Q-Controller, RF Generator(ENI OEM 12B),
* P5000 Mainframe with two process chambers.
* RF Cable Liquid Source Ozonizer Load Locks
* Storage Elevator Wafer Orienter-
* Load Lock Particle Reduction Kit-
* Load Lock Chamber Bolt Down Lids-
* Wafer Positioning Sensor-
* Liquid Source Delivery Cabinet-
* Turbo Flow Meter for both chambers-
* Thermo Electric Drivers-
* Chamber Interconnect PCBs-ESC Controller Rack/Electronics-
* VME. High Purity Gas Panel.
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