Allure self service refrigerated floral merchandiser


Subject: Allure self service refrigerated floral merchandiser
Fresh Flow is a simple, gravity-fill system designed to keep your flowers fresher, longer.....
We heard you. When you asked for floral cases with automatic watering, we went to work. First, our engineers looked at currently available systems and said, "There must be a better way." Then, they set out to find a better solution. They pored over every detail of automatic watering systems, looking for a simpler, more reliable, cost-effective answer. We found it. It's called Fresh Flow™.
Fresh Flow delivers a three-tiered approach to increased profits. First, a longer shelf life means less "shrink." Second, no time spent filling and emptying water buckets means lower labor costs, and finally, your product appears fresher, for increased sales.
Fresh Flow is unique for many reasons but the most important is that the stems of your cut flowers are never out of water! In other systems, the buckets are drained of water before fresh water is pumped back in. The refill cycle takes several minutes, during which the flower stems are removed from water. This allows enough time for the stems to scar, which blocks absorption of the water into the flower. Without the ability to absorb sufficient water, the benefit of the self-watering system is compromised.
Fresh Flow is different. Instead of completely draining the display, Fresh Flow pumps fresh water into the bottom of each trough causing the water level to rise and force the old water out through an overflow drain tube. The flow of water up the flower stems remains intact, prolonging the life of the bloom.
We know that you're cautious about choosing a floral display case with an automatic watering system, and with good reason. Other units were too expensive, and failure-prone. Fresh Flow is different- so different the design is patent-pending. Fresh Flow gives you the benefits of a watering system, without the potential drawbacks that you've come to expect.
Fresh Flow features an inspired design that eliminates complex mechanical systems. Instead, Fresh Flow uses a simple, gravity-fill system to keep your flowers fresher, longer. The result: an automatic watering system that is more reliable and costs less than others. Look for Fresh Flow on select Allure® Floral Merchandisers, and then start looking for increased sales!
* Increased profits. Less shrink, less labor, and increased sales.
* More reliable. No pumps, no floats, no valves. No moving parts means that Fresh Flow is less prone to failure than other watering systems.
* Easy to use, and easy to maintain. The water trough cover lifts off, for easy cleaning. There are no moving parts inside the trough.
* Lower cost. Fresh Flow costs dramatically less than other, more complicated, watering systems.
Why is Fresh Flow™ so Exceptional?
* Revolutionary fill system. Our patent-pending design replaces complicated pumps and floats.
* Automatic timer. Cycles fresh water as often as you like.
* Removable overflow tube. Controls water volume without the need for a mechanical drain valve, for one less potential problem.
* Unique debris screen. Another patent-pending design, the screen prevents leaves, petals, and other debris from blocking the drain.
* Larger drain. Our 1.5" drain minimizes the possibility of clogging.