Alloy gravity separator 4,000 gallon - 67 gallon/minute


Subject: Alloy gravity separator 4,000 gallon - 67 gallon/minute
Is wastewater a problem at your facility?
Is you local municipality insisting you reduce effluent discharge levels?
Is your sewer bill becoming prohibitive?
Is and affordable solution in your budget?
Is your secondary wastewater system overloaded?
4,000 Gallon unit sized for 67 GPM Flow
Efficient, Cost Effective and Profitable reclamation of fats, oils, and solids
The Gravity Separator functions as a primary treatment system (Primary Clarifier) for separation and removal of both floating fats and heavy solids.
Large reductions in Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Fats Oils and Greases (FOG), as well as Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in the plant effluent stream, significantly reducing sewage charges.
Substantial reduction in the loading of secondary systems such as Lagoons, Dissolved Aeration systems and similar secondary systems, permitting them to function more effectively and at lower operating costs.
Substantially reduced investment when compared to other elaborate technologies, which may not provide better results.
Can be coupled with the ALLOY Aeration system for increased separation.
Fats, oils and greases often have a value for further processing, shortening the payback period.
Design features set the ALLOY Gravity Separator apart from all others. Consider this:
Top and Bottom Drag - unlike many other primary water clarifiers with only top drags, the ALLOY Gravity Separator has both top and bottom drags for efficient removal of both light and heavy materials.
Low Maintenance - ALLOY uses top quality materials and labor to assure extended life. Couple the material quality with the slow moving design and you have low maintenance.
280 Configurations - the ALLOY Gravity Separator is available in capacities form 1000- 55,0000 Gallons in varying configurations resulting in over 280 configurations. These confiugrations help Alloy provide a solution that fits your existing facility.
What can an Alloy Gravity Separator do for YOU?
ALLOY Gravity Separators have been shown to reduce FOG and TSS by as much as 80 percent. In addition, BOD results show reductions averaging 40 percent. With addition of Aeration, polymers and/or flocculants these reduction figures can go even higher.
Once testing is complete and you have accumulated information regarding daily and hourly flow rates, flow surges, sources of effluent and effluent composition, ALLOY can recommend a properly sized Gravity Separator system to meet the needs of your plant. A properly designed system will provide maximum reductions at minimum investment, optimizing payback.
In addition the Gravity Separator is:
Self cleaning eliminates the need for monthly draining and the unpleasant task of shoveling or pumping out a sump or other “trap”.
Requires far less energy than other systems. The Gravity Separator uses only two-thirds horsepower and requires no other daily operational expense.
The Gravity Separator is designed to operate for years with minimal maintenance. u
ALLOY understands Waste Water Treatment is largely a neglected portion of process. As such ALLOY understands the need for reliable equipment constructed of quality materials. Alloy uses heavy duty engineering chain in our drags and heavy carbon steel plate in the sidewalls and tank bottom. As for labor, ALLOY is an ASME certified pressure vessel manufacturer. We know quality and we bring that attitude and commitment to each and every ALLOY product.
ALLOY has been in the Waste Water Treatment business for twenty five years. Our staff is ready to put that experience to work on your problems.
With forty five capacities and over 280 configurations of varying length, width and height, ALLOY has a unit to meet your needs.
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