Allis chalmers diesel power unit generator 180HP 6CYL


Subject: Allis chalmers diesel power unit generator 180HP 6CYL
We hadn't ran it for a few years, and are taking our planermill out of service, and we are parting out the power unit. A fresh battery and a good priming, and this baby started right up. Runs smooth with almost no smoke. All the pictures you see are taken with the engine running. Just the ones taken in the setting sun show any smoke. The Oil pressure had 45 at startup, and 50-60 at higher idle after running for a half hour.
We've been incorporated for 75 years, and this workhorse put food on my family's table for 3 generations.
Yes, the hour meter works, and reads 1101 hours. We bought this unit new in the early 1970's.
Also, it has Murphy Oil & water shutoff switches.
The unit is mounted on 6x6 lumber ( two layers). including the wood base, the unit is 5' tall, and the exhaust brings it up another 2'. it is 32 inches wide, and 6 1/2' long. It might be too heavy for a 3/4 ton pickup, but a 1 ton should be fine, or a trailer.