Allen face co. ~ concrete ~ f meter rolling profiler ~


Subject: Allen face co. ~ concrete ~ f meter rolling profiler ~
For your purchase consideration:
2001 Model F-Meter® Rolling Floor Profiler manufactured by Allen Face.
OWN this unit for $9,500.00 OBO.
NEW, this unit sells for $12,995.00.
Your purchase includes carrying case, downloading cables & software, charger, and manual. This unit is in great working condition (see pictures).
Some helpful information from the Allen Face website:
Extremely Fast and Simple to Operate
No Special Skills / Training Required
Measures up to 4,000 Point Elevations Per Hour
Single Click Downloading Directly into Excel ®
Double Density 6-in Measurement Point Spacing
Sensor Accuracy Within +-0.002” Per Reading
Back-up Downloading Through Hyperterminal® Data Cannot Be Lost! (Even if Battery Loses Charge)
The finest floor profiling instrument ever made. Pulled manually across the floor, the F-Meter® can measure up to 2000 linear feet (4,000 point elevation readings!) per hour - a data collection rate at least 3 times faster than that achievable with any other device.
The F-Meter® supports measurement and reporting of both overall and minimum local FF and FL numbers (including the generation of all associated data lists and profile graphs by direct download into Excel®) in full accordance with both ASTM E-1155-96 (2001) and ACI-117. Alternative backup downloading to PC through Hyperterminal® is also provided.
The F-Meter® requires no special skills to operate. After power up, all zeroing, calibration, and stabilization checks are performed automatically. The operator then simply uses the and buttons to record the profile runs, which can each range from 12 to 120 feet in length.
The F-Meter's® non-volatile memory will retain up to 99 run records, even if the unit is turned off or loses power. This feature eliminates all concerns about data loss and fully supports consolidated, back-at-the-office, data processing and report generation.
The F-Meter® lowers the time and cost for formal F-Number measurement and reporting to insignificance. The instrument thus makes practical the routine measurement of FF and FL on every new floor installation - from the largest industrial project to the smallest commercial/residential job. By providing fast and reliable estimates of every new floor's FF and FL numbers, the F-Meter® affords all parties effective and immediate protection against the development of any type of floor tolerance problem.
To view online tutorial videos, F-Meter Operating Manual and other very helpful information visit the Allen Face online website at
Should you wish further information, contact Mark Halverson at .
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Use the FREE Counters 1 million sellers do - Andale!