Allen bradley n-2304-1-F00AA r. b brushless servo motor


Subject: Allen bradley n-2304-1-F00AA r. b brushless servo motor
This listing is for an Allen Bradley servo motor. This same motor was also sold under Electrocraft, Reliance Electric, etc.
Here is a little snip from AB's brochure...
F-Series motors, mechanically interchangeable with the MP-Series low inertia motors, use a ferrite magnet that provides nearly five times greater inertia than the MP-Series for matching larger-load inertias. Available in two frame sizes, the F-Series motors range in continuous torque capability from 3.5 to 24 Nm (31 to 210 lb-in.) and speeds to 4000 rpm. The F-Series motors use an optical 2000-line incremental encoder (5000-line optional) for superior low-speed performance
This is used, but in pristine, working condition. Guaranteed to be working properly!
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