Alcon ladarvision eye lasic surgery complete system


Subject: Alcon ladarvision eye lasic surgery complete system
Alcon Ladarvision Eye Lasic Surgery Complete System. This system is in excellent condition and the originally cost was over $1.3 Million. We need to sell this system and
can negociate the final price. We will post more info as we get the details. It is being stored in Memphis, and can be trucked anywhere in the US
Purchased 9-8-2004 for $426,800
Ladarvision 4000 Laser by Alcon
Purchased 3-16-00 for $351,500
Custom Cornea Wavefront System
Water entered the building from heavy rain water not Draining quickly enough, due to the flooding all around the city of New Orleans. The clinic is located in Metairie, LA on Veterans Blvd. and not in any of the places that “flooded”. The staff said they had almost an inch of rain water, not salt water, come into the building and it was immediately cleaned up. That is the reason for the salvage condition of this equipment, exposure to moisture.
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