Albert grass heritage polysomnograph system PSG36-1


Subject: Albert grass heritage polysomnograph system PSG36-1
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Albert Grass Heritage PSG System Model PSG36-1
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Albert Grass - Polysomnograph Research Systems PSG36-1
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The Albert Grass Heritage PSG System are state-of-the-art polysomnographs with features, versatility and quality that you have come to expect from Grass. The System features the precise and versatile Neurodata Amplifier System, specially developed precious metal Electrode Selectors. The Heritage PSG System is the first digital PSG ready to carry on the Grass tradition as the Gold Standard in sleep recordings.
The Heritage PSG includes miniature precious metal electrode selectors which offer a unique solution for electrode substitution without disturbing the sleeping subject. A push of the button allows access to spare electrodes from the Heritage cart. With this system, complete new recording montages can be created from a remote location.
Each channel of the Heritage utilizes a dedicated "Gold Standard" fully programmable amplifier with independent amplification and filter settings for signal fidelity. All low pass filters are active anti-aliasing filters for superb performance. True patient isolation is maintained and the wide parameters allow each amplifier to be used for any signal type. For special applications such as pH, esophageal pressure, respiratory flow, requiring DC signal processing from various transducers, optional DC amplifiers can be provided.