Air tool test stand


Subject: Air tool test stand
* MFG: D A Design & Engineering
* Lebow Eaton rotary transducer torque sensor rated at 500 in/lbs.
* Dynamic braking by hydraulic motor
* Heat exchanger used for cooling of hydraulic oil
* Remote mounted RPM friction test drive
* Daytronic torque strain gauge indicator/controller frequency indicator/controller; frequency conditioner/indicator
Readouts in RPM, CFM, torque (inch/lbs)
For the testing of many air-tools
Supplies controlled CFM and PSI to a tool via precision Hedland flowmeter and pressure regulator
This unit built by D.A. Design and Engineering for the state of CA. Used apprx 1 year before lab was shut down. Cost apprx $30,000 - in excellent condition.
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