Air n arc industrial welder/generator/air compressor


Subject: Air n arc industrial welder/generator/air compressor
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Welder/Generator/Air Compressor
* ENGINE: 24 hp Honda V-twin w/electric start (the industry leader in easy starting & reliability)
* WELDER: 200 amp High Frequency 100% duty cycle American made(equivalent in penetration to 240 amps of standard DC welding)
* GENERATOR: 6,000 watt Smoothwave American made (110v and 220v receptacles)
* AIR COMPRESSOR: 24 cfm @ 175 psi. dual stage 2 cylinder with 200 psi. max. air pressure (capable of running 1'' air impact)
* BATTERY CHARGER: (Optional) 200 amps of 12-24 volts of battery charging with 20' of heavy duty jumper cable
* Fingertip welding controls (you can adjust your amperage right from the welding lead)
* American made, ASME certified, powder coated air storage tank
* Serpentine belt drive on welder/generator with automatic tensioner
* Dual v-belt drive on air compressor
* 6.5 gallon portable quick connect fuel tank (makes it very easy to fill with fuel)
* Optional 11 gallon attached steel fuel tank
* Optional Remote Mount Control Panel (have all of your functions at you fingertips)
See Picture Below For Remote Control Panel Option
Control your machine from a location that you choose on your service truck.
Features on panel include the following:
* Regulator and regulated air pressure gauge
* welder switch and welder lead connection
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