Air curtain incinerator / destructor / trench burner


Subject: Air curtain incinerator / destructor / trench burner
The machine no matter the size Is towed behind a vehicle in a folded and locked position. Most ACD’s are fully equipped with a class III hitch DOTapproved tires, wheels, axles, lights, and optional trailer brakes.
Once the machine is at the preferred burning location. It’s as simple as pulling the pin releasing the safety chain and pivoting the unit open in the shape of a large T.
Once open, the machine should be positioned in front of the pit lying flush with the ground to create a seal. The initial fire must be lit manually. Power on the machine to desired range and begin to feed the fire. The curtain of air over the pit allows For little to no ash or pollutant escape. Making a clean, quick, and easy burn.
The BMC Air Curtain Destructor creates and maintains a uniform curtain of air across the top of the burning pit to contain smoke and ash products. The high pressure curtain swirls
into the pit increasing combustion efficiency and the burning rate because of the increased oxygen being fed to the fire and the greater air turbulence. All this causes the resultant smoke (unburned carbons) to be confined under the air curtain and consumed by the intense 1600 to 2000°F temperatures, and it provides 3 to 5 times faster burning than with open pile burning. No auxiliary fuel is needed once the fire is started and the air curtain is operating
The BMC Air Curtain Destructor disposes of:
– Tree debris or slash from storm damage
– Tree trunks, stumps and trimmings from land clearance for residential and commercial development, urban renewal, road building and other construction sites.
– Sawdust and sawmill refuse
– Frame building demolition refuse
– Industrial wood wastes, pallets, and crating material
– And, numerous other products
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