Agilent hp 8981A vector modulation analyzer


Subject: Agilent hp 8981A vector modulation analyzer
The HP 8981A contains powerful aids which allow a user to make precise measurements on today's advanced digital communication and radar receivers. Communications advances, such as spectrally efficient, digital microwave radios, dictate new standards for performance testing and new methods for looking at signals. Traditionally tests have been made using an oscilloscope with eye diagrams. The HP 8981A takes this testing one step further and provides, in addition to eye diagrams, wide-band Q vs. I diagrams. Many measurement features have been tailored for automatic radio testing, such as constellation analysis of common modulation formats and built in phase/magnitude markers.
Testing advanced radars largely consists of digitizing the I and Q channels and having a computer analyze the signals. The HP 8981A, with its real-time visual display of phase and magnitude, allows a user to make and view the measurements on the screen. Phase slopes and transients can be easily seen and quantified. The effects of adjustments on the receiver will be immediately seen, thus greatly reducing test and alignment time. The many standard features provide versatile and convenient measurements, allowing a user to isolate the source of errors instead of just making go/no go tests.
50 - 200 MHz modulated IF input frequency range
100 MHz baseband bandwidth with external I/Q filters and 35 MHz with internal filters
Automatic internal/external demodulator calibration
Includes a calibrated baseband analyzer which connects to the I and Q outputs of your receiver's demodulator
Adds a vector demodulator for IF measurements
Connects to the IF output of your transmitter and to the coherent reference
Measures signal magnitude and phase of standard digital communication and radar signals
Performs constellation analysis of quadrature error, lock angle error and closure
Design enables quick, visual, intuitive measurements
Gives quantitative data about a signal's modulation
Ability to quickly identify problem sources and measure their magnitude
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