Agilent (hp) 8643A high-performance signal generator


Subject: Agilent (hp) 8643A high-performance signal generator
The Agilent 8643A signal generator has been optimized to provide the performance required for out-of-channel receiver tests while maintaining a low price. Many performance capabilities have been included as standard, such as pulse modulation. Reliability is enhanced by an electronic attenuator on the 1 GHz version. Instead of mechanical relays, the Agilent 8643A uses solid state components accurate to within 1.0 dB for setting levels. An advanced internal modulation synthesizer provides coverage to 400 kHz and two-tone capability with the selection of sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, and white Gaussian noise waveforms.
-100 dBc nonharmonic spurious up to 1 GHz allows spurious rejection tests to be fully automated with confidence
±1.0 dB output level accuracy down to -127 dBm
Internal modulation synthesizer with coverage up to 400 kHz and two- tone capability.
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