Agilent hp 8512A reflection/transmission test set


Subject: Agilent hp 8512A reflection/transmission test set
Agilent HP 8512A Reflection/Transmission Test Set
H-P 8512A Reflection/Transmission Test Set
The 8512A Reflection/Transmission Test Set provides the capability to simultaneously measure the complex reflection and transmission characteristics of a test device from 45MHz to 18GHz in transmission and 500MHz to 18GHz in reflection. Reflection measurements to 45MHz are achievable with some loss (about 30dB) in dynamic range. An 8512A based system offers very broad dynamic range with the highest accuracy available. The test ports have rugged precision 7 mm connectors and may be adapted to other interfaces with the appropriate precision adapters. The test set includes an integrated three-channel frequency converter. The 8512A is used with the 8510 series.
Accessories:POWER CORD, 2 RIGID CABLES, H-P8510
Units are sold AS-IS without accessories, probes or power cords unless specifically mentioned in the above description. No implied or expressed warranty unless otherwise stated.