Agilent hp 8168F tunable laser


Subject: Agilent hp 8168F tunable laser
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Agilent 8168F Tunable Laser with built-in optical attenuator with 40dB attenuation range
Test and Measurement, Optical Communication
* Wavelength range: 1450 ~ 1590nm
* Absolute wavelength accuracy: +/- 0.1nm
* Relative wavelength accuracy: +/- 0.035nm (1475~1575nm) +/- 0.05nm (1450~1590nm), typical +/-0.001nm
* Wavelength resolution: 0.001nm, 125MHz at 1550nm
* Mode hop-free tuning range: 1510 ~ 1640nm
* Wavelength stability: <+/- 100MHz
* Wavelength repeatability: +/- 0.035nm (1475~1575nm) +/- 0.05nm (1450~1590nm), typical +/-0.001nm
* Sidemode suppression ratio: >50dB (1475 ~1575nm at 1dBm)
* Source spontaneous emission ratio: >55dB/0.1nm(1520-1570nm), >45dB/0.1nm (1475-1575nm), >35dB/0.1nm (1450-1590nm)
* Relative intensity noise (RIN, typ.): -145 dB/Hz
* Linewidth (typ.): 100KHz coherence control off
* Effective Linewidth (typ.), coherent control on: 50~500MHz (1475 ~ 1575nm)
* Tuning speed: 250ms/300ms/2s (typ. for a 1/10/100nm step)
* Output power: >+6.5dBm peak; >5.5dBm (1520~1570nm);>-0.5dBm (1475~1575nm); >-8.5dBm (1450 ~ 1590nm)
* Minimum output power: -47dBm
* Power stability: +/- 0.03dB (1hr)
* Power repeatability: +/- 0.04 dB
* Power linearity: +/- 0.3dB
* Power flatness versus wavelength: +/- 0.2dB(1475~1575nm); +/-0.3dB(1450~1590nm);
Used in excellent working condition
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Pump laser at 1480, 980nm;
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