Agilent/hp 8156A optical attenuator (option 121)


Subject: Agilent/hp 8156A optical attenuator (option 121)
Agilent/HP 8156A Optical Attenuator (Option 121)
The Agilent 8156A optical attenuator is ideal for making measurements on fast telecommunication systems. It is employed in R&D and production and is suitable for both single-mode and 50m multi-mode application. A variety of options for different return loss performance, built-in monitor paths and overall accuracy make the 8156A easily adaptable to your measurement requirements.
* 60dB attenuation with 0.001dB resolution, without ranging
* 1200nm to 1650nm wavelength range
* <0.05dB typical linearity
* <0.005dB typical repeatability
* <0.02dBpp typical polarization dependent loss
* +23dBm maximum input power
Used, in good working condition
* offers 30 days warranty.
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