Agilent (hp) 6674A dc power supply


Subject: Agilent (hp) 6674A dc power supply
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The 6674A is a 2000 Watt, single output power supply with an internal GPIB interface and SCPI programming.
? Rated from 0 to 60 V at 35 A
? Auto-parallel up to five units
? 16 supplies can be connected to one GPIB interface via a serial link
? Remote programming of voltage and current with feedback of actual measured output values
Increase test throughput with fast, low-noise outputs
Perform remote programming using GPIB interface with SCPI command set (drivers available)
Utilize analog monitoring and control of output voltage and current
Control up to 16 supplies through one GPIB address via serial link system
Achieve greater output flexibility with parallel and series connections of multiple supplies
Simplify cabling with built-in measurements
Streamline tasks with front panel control and advanced programmable features
Ensure DUT safety with protection features
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