Agilent J3444A internet advisor ,undercraddle ,OPT206


Subject: Agilent J3444A internet advisor ,undercraddle ,OPT206
Actual stock picture. working condition.
* 10/100 Mbps data rate with auto-negotiate
* 2 RJ-45 connectors with hub logic allows testing in switched environments
* MII connector for universal Fast Ethernet testing through external transceivers
* AUI connector for universal Ethernet testing through external transceivers
* Optional Fiber Interface (J3445A)
* AMD 29040 at 40 MHz with 32M memory
* 100 ns resolution Hardware timestamp
* Microsoft Windows 98 OS user interface makes network problem isolation and finding solutions easier and more efficient
* Expert Analyzer lets you quickly drill down to the source of the problem
* Network Vitals help anticipate many network problems
* Commentators help solve network problems quickly and effectively
* 7-layer decoding of all major protocols
* Comprehensive Network Statistics
* Network performance analysis
* Portable platform with a rugged built-in 486 PC